San Pietroburgo, RUSSIA
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April 14-16

The biggest food trade fair

Interfood is one of the biggest trade shows in the country, if you want to start conquering the market, there's no better first step to take.
14 million consumers, over 900 wholesale food market companies, more than 9000 food shops, over 5000 restaurants and bars, over 500 food online stores based in St. Petersburg
Interfood website
The cost of participation without a partner
Booking a stand
To bring up the equipment, samples and personnel
Travel expenses, flight and staying in the hotel
Going with Eunion Capital allows you to cut expenses dramatically. We take care of booth space, material and stuff you brand. Isn't that a good start for €1300 only?
Why join us?
Everyday we work hard to make life of our partners better and happier
Recognized brand
Years of experience participating in biggest trade shows made Eunion Capital well-known and trusted bridging company.
Professional sales team
Our experienced managers will guide prospects through your products explaining opportunities of long-lasting deep partnership with your brand.
Home work done
We hit plenty of selected prospects inviting them to visit our stand to know and start loving your products.