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Start your business in Asia with the best partners

If there’s a region of the world that’s expected to grow exponentially during the 21st century, it’s Asia. With giant powerhouses like China or India, and smaller countries with a growing purchasing power like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand, Asia is called to be the “land of opportunities” of our time.

However, global companies looking to conduct business operations in Asia will be sure to find a lot of complications when first landing here. The continent is comprised of dozens of different cultures, with unique characteristics and ways of managing professional relationships.

At Eunion Capital we will help you navigate the particularities of doing business in Asia and will grow your company with our extensive network of collaborators and our many years of experience. Get in touch and we’ll develop a personalized plan for your company’s needs.


Food and Beverage


Gifts, Design & Decor


Doing business in Asia

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world. This opens up a lot of possibilities for investors and business owners, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

The Asian market is eager for good quality products and offers many opportunities for finding investors or outsourcing some of your operations. However, in order to succeed you will need to get help from local specialists or be able to navigate the cultural differences on your own.

Being a whole continent, different countries in Asia have completely different expectations and ways of doing business. Consumers expect and value totally opposing things, too. At Eunion Capital, we can help you do the following:

  • Find the best region in Asia for your particular needs.
  • Get in touch with the local supply chain in order to market your products.
  • Find local workers who can help you save a lot of money.
  • Get Asian investors interested in your company or startup.

Set up your business in Asia

To fulfill the different needs of our clients, Eunion Capital is divided in 5 divisions:

Imports – exports





Whether you’re looking for a new import or export partner, want to invest in a local company or find somebody from abroad to invest in yours, or want to form a new business structure in Asia, we can help you navigate the intricacies of this unique market so you can focus on growing your company and taking advantage of the opportunities in this country.

Also, at Eunion Capital we can help you sell your products abroad, taking care of technical aspects such as finding buyers, setting up your import process, and getting in touch with local retail chains and distributors that will help you place them in the most profitable spots in the region.

Challenges of creating a company in Asia

1- You need help from local companies

Global companies should empower local teams and have customer service help from experienced providers in the chosen country. Local teams will know their own markets and customers better than any other team.

Localized products and services must be developed and marketed by local teams, too. Otherwise, they won’t be successful in the sometimes closed cultures present in this region.

With our international team and local contacts, we can help you overcome these challenges. Get in touch and we’ll develop a custom plan for your business needs in Asia.

2- Local regulations tend to be strict

Government regulations within the region can vary greatly. Companies should be open-minded when dealing with Asian governments, as usually their norms can be quite challenging. A local partner can help you navigate the regulations.

Large countries like the U.S. and China struggle to understand the differences in smaller markets. Governments want companies who aren’t just looking to take but to give back. These governments are looking for partners to develop their local markets; and therefore might make you jump through some hoops before allowing you to work inside their borders.

If you want to operate in more conservative countries like China, Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia, you’ll need the help of a local partner. At Eunion Capital we can help you navigate these regulations successfully.

3- Physical offices are needed in some places

Most jurisdictions in Asia require some form of office presence in their country. Some countries require a physical presence while others require a registered office. A lease agreement is often required as part of the registration process.

Companies must deliver their licenses or registrations to an office. In Indonesia, the license to run a business will be delivered personally to the physical office. Cambodia requires companies to register their taxes at the company office.

Eunion Capital can assist you with office space, including registering an office, a virtual office, or securing physical space.

4- Customers behave differently compared to other regions of the world

When doing business in Asia, you should be aware of how to behave with your customers. Asian cultures can be very sensitive and place a lot of importance on tradition, manners and respect. For that reason, this market can be a bit harder to crack for foreign companies than other areas of the world.

Asian customers will usually only trust local companies or products that are present in their traditional shopping spaces. For that reason, getting inside the local supply chain can make or break your operations in the country of your choice.

The experts at Eunion Capital can help you get inside the local supply chain. We will sell your products in local stores, go to trade shows in your behalf, and in general do anything that’s needed for you to be successful with your global venture.

5- Investors need to trust you

There’s a lot of investors looking for new projects to fund in Asia. However, as we’ve already mentioned, in this culture personal relationships are extremely important for anything related to business.

If you want to find an Asian – based investor, you’ll need to forge a trust relationship with them before you can expect to make any profit. For that reason, working with Eunion’s partners can help you shortcut this process and navigate the Asian investment world in a much easier way.

Create your Asian business with Eunion Capital

If you’re interested in expanding your business abroad, Asia can be one of the best places to find investors or products, and a great location to sell your existing services. However, in order to truly benefit from its immense opportunities, you’ll need help from a trusted partner.

At Eunion Capital we want to be that partner for you. Contact us and we’ll work out a personalized plan for you so you can start your new operation in this region in the best way.