Food & Beverages: Success Cases

Premium Italian Coffee

Target Markets

Middle East


Shops specialized in European products, Retail chains, Distributors of premium products and HoReCa


Premium Italian Coffee


1.5 Years

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company began a 1.5-year cooperation with a premium Italian coffee brand, targeting the Middle Eastern market. Our initial focus was on reaching shops specializing in European products, retail chains, distributors of premium products, and the HoReCa sector. For the first six months, we introduced the coffee products to distributors and retail chains, receiving positive feedback almost immediately.

Main Obstacles: Despite the initial positive response, the primary buyers took a long time to make their decisions as they deliberated on prices, order volume, and listing fees. This prolonged negotiation process prompted us to re-evaluate our strategy.

Solution: We shifted our focus to entering the market through specialized small shops and coffee houses, offering them favorable conditions. This pivot proved to be successful, with the first order placed just a few months later. As the product became increasingly recognizable over the next year, the distributor saw its sales statistics and agreed to bear the listing fee costs.

Outcomes: We signed an exclusive contract with a distributor for the UAE area, securing a strong foothold in the Middle Eastern market. An exhibition event was held where we invited buyers from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, further expanding our reach.

Future Strategy: Our strategy for the future includes increasing sales and entering new Middle Eastern markets through targeted marketing activities. We also plan to register the coffee producer company in the Middle East, solidifying its presence and enhancing its reputation as a premium Italian coffee brand.

Premium German Organic Food

Target Markets

Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East


stores, chain stores specializing in organic products, premium supermarkets


sauces, sauces for the HoReCa sector, pasta, crackers, mousses and puddings


1,5 Years

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company began a 1,5-year collaboration with a premium German organic food producer, targeting the markets in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We aimed to reach stores and chain stores specializing in organic products and premium supermarkets. The product range includes sauces for both retail and the HoReCa sector, pasta, crackers, mousses, and puddings.

Main Obstacles: The primary challenge was to find suitable distribution channels for the diverse range of premium organic products in various international markets, each with its unique preferences and demands.

Solution: During our collaboration, we successfully partnered with NaturaSì, a chain of organic goods stores in Italy. We also found distributors of organic products in the Middle East and Asia. In the USA, we initiated negotiations with Whole Foods, a retail chain specializing in organic products. We participated in exhibitions across these target markets and deployed export managers in Asia and the Middle East to ensure smooth operations.

Outcomes: The successful partnerships with NaturaSì and distributors in the Middle East and Asia have significantly expanded the market reach for the premium German organic food brand. Additionally, ongoing negotiations with Whole Foods have the potential to further enhance the brand’s presence in the USA.

Future Strategy: Upon confirmation of the purchase from Whole Foods, we plan to organize a stock warehouse in the USA, facilitating efficient distribution and enabling the German organic food brand to cater to the increasing demand for high-quality organic products across the country.

Wine from Italy

Target Markets

Europe and USA

Average Price

6 Euros per bottle

Capacity Production

500.000 bottles per year

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company embarked on a three-year cooperation with an Italian wine producer, aiming to expand into European and American markets. The wine is priced at approximately 6 euros per bottle, and the company has a production capacity of 500,000 bottles per year.

Main Obstacles: The initial challenge was to find suitable buyers and distributors for the wine, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made travel and in-person meetings difficult.

Solution: We began promoting the wine through our network of buyers, and after four months, we received positive feedback in the European market. Despite travel restrictions, we held an exhibition and secured a distributor in the USA. The distributor traveled by private plane to meet with the client, resulting in a deal for 10,000 bottles per month. For the European market, we focused on Germany and successfully partnered with a well-known chain of organic wine stores, leading to an agreement for 120,000 bottles per year.

Outcomes: Over the first year of cooperation, we established a strong presence for the Italian wine in both the European and American markets. By securing a distributor in the USA and forming a partnership with a popular organic wine store chain in Germany, we facilitated the sale of thousands of bottles per month, increasing the brand’s visibility and reach.

Future Strategy: Our strategy for the future involves increasing production by purchasing grapes from other producers, which will enable the Italian wine brand to enter the Asian market. This expansion will further solidify the wine’s global presence and capitalize on new growth opportunities.