Fashion: Success Cases

Handmade Leather Shoes and Bags from Italy

Target Markets

Middle East and Russia
In Russia there was a goal also to find an investor


Distributors, stores, department stores, multi-brand stores, boutiques


Handmade leather shoes and bags

Average Price

80 euros for the shoes, 90-100 euros for the bags

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company initiated a 2-year collaboration with an Italian handmade leather shoes and bags brand, aiming to target distributors, stores, department stores, multi-brand stores, and boutiques in the Middle East and Russia. The products were priced at 80 euros for shoes and 90-100 euros for a bag. In Russia, our goal was also to find an investor to support the brand’s expansion.

Main Obstacles: The primary challenge was to generate interest in the Italian brand within our target markets, particularly Russia, and to secure potential orders, investors, and partners for the brand.

Solution: After seven months of brand promotion, leveraging our network of potential buyers and participating in an exhibition in Russia, we received positive feedback and the first potential orders. Following the initial sales, we organized a personal stand at a specialized exhibition in the Russian Federation, while in the Middle East, we launched an export manager program.

Outcomes: The export manager program proved to be a successful investment, generating 250,000 – 300,000 euros per year in revenue. Additionally, we established production in the Russian Federation to supply products directly to the Russian market and opened two stores to further boost the brand’s presence.

Future Strategy: Our future strategy includes increasing the number of stores in the Russian Federation to capitalize on the growing demand for Italian handmade leather products. Additionally, we plan to expand into the UAE by opening new stores, further strengthening the brand’s presence in the Middle East and ensuring continued success.