Grow your business thanks to internationalisation, and make a profit in the fastest growing markets in the world: Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA

Import - Export

We support and help your business to  export and sell your products in Russia, Middle East, Asia and USA.


We will help you find investors  or buyers for your properties and business in the wealthiest markets in the world.


Looking to create a company in a different part of the world? We offer company formation, counseling, accounting services and everything needed to have an international company.


We will audit your startup or company and help you expand it in the market of your choice. Grow your operations and your revenue with us.

Target Markets

billions € of imported products

billions of consumers

foreign companies

millions of millionaires

Middle East

The Middle East has quickly reached the status of an economic super power and has become a major international player. What started as a conglomeration of small countries in the middle of the desert is now a major business hub. This area of the world includes some of the richest countries on the planet, with places like Qatar (with a GDP of more than 101 billion US dollars), Turkey (1189 billion USD GDP)  or the United Arab Emirates (200 billion USD GDP).

Besides that, with a total population of more than 450 million people, and with the rise of many of its countries, investors can find plenty of opportunities in this often neglected region of the world.

United States

Want to start  business in the USA? Creating a company in North America can easily turn into a very profitable financial decision.

A high percentage of the most successful companies in the history of the world have been created in the USA. The entrepreneurial culture of this country, paired with the high number of investors and opportunities it offers, can help any business owner or investor multiply their money with very low risk.


The other major player in the world’s economy at the moment, Asia will undoubtedly host a great percentage of the most successful companies in the following decades. In Asia we can find some of the most important economic powers of the 21st century, like China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

However, the investing opportunities in Asia don’t end there. Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines are predicted to suffer an explosive growth in the following decades, making them a perfect market for international investors and business owners.


In the 21st century, Russia is turning into one of the biggest players in the world in terms of its economy and investments. Thanks to its vast natural resources, international connections and privileged location, it can be very profitable to invest in this country.

Russia is also a highly growing country in terms of its internal economy. Its delicate position over the last few decades means that it has a great growth potential; and at the same time, inside its borders you can find a great number of buyers, distributors and investors looking for a new opportunity.

Our partners

Eunion Capital

At Eunion Capital we build bridges connecting international business owners, entrepreneurs and investors with opportunities all over the world. We operate in the most profitable markets of today. We always aim at building solid relationships with all our clients and business connections. For that reason, we look at providing the maximum value for those that decide to work with us.