Cosmetic: Success Cases

Perfume from France

Target Markets

USA and Asia


Retail chains and large department stores


400 Euro


2,5 Years

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company commenced a 2.5-year cooperation with a French perfume brand, priced at 400 euros per bottle, with the goal of entering retail chains and large department stores in the USA and Asia.

Main Obstacles: The primary challenge was to generate interest and demand for the high-end French perfume in the competitive USA and Asian markets, particularly among retail chains and large department stores.

Solution: Before starting work in Asia, we conducted market research to better understand the landscape. We held one exhibition in the USA and another in Asia to gauge buyer reactions to the product. We also established contact with large department stores. After promoting the perfume in these markets and holding exhibitions, we received positive feedback from potential buyers. Successful negotiations with Macy’s were conducted in the USA, while in Japan, we secured a presence in Takashimaya, and in Vietnam, we entered the ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery Hanoi.

Outcomes: The strategic exhibitions, market research, and targeted promotion led to successful partnerships with major department stores in the USA, Japan, and Vietnam. The French perfume brand has gained a strong presence in these markets, thanks to its entry into Macy’s, Takashimaya, and ViinRiic Niche Perfume Gallery Hanoi.

Future Strategy: Our strategy for the future includes expanding marketing efforts, participating in more exhibitions, and securing access to additional large department stores. These initiatives will further bolster the French perfume brand’s presence in the USA and Asia, ensuring continued growth and success in these competitive markets.