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We develop your business in the Russian Market

Russia is one of the fastest developing markets in the whole world. Due to its turbulent past, there’s a lot of room for new services & products to be sold in this huge country. Besides that, its abundant natural resources and relatively cheap cost of living turn it into a great opportunity for investors and business owners looking for new markets abroad.

However, setting up a business or finding new products or labor in Russia can be pretty difficult if you don’t have connections in the country. Language and cultural barriers can become a barrier that’s too difficult to overcome for foreigners looking to invest or expand their operations in this beautiful country.

Russia is a unique country, but there’s immense potential for companies who make an effort to understand its consumers’ buying preferences and the local & business culture. At Eunion Capital we can help you develop your business in this country and ease up all the difficulties that usually come with working in a completely different market.


Food and Beverage


Gifts, Design & Decor


Should you start a business in Russia?

Russia presents both significant opportunities and challenges for experienced and inexperienced foreign business owners alike. Here are some of the strongest reasons why you should consider expanding your operations to Russia:

  • The country’s population is hungry for high quality products and services.
  • There’s significant wealth inequality in Russia, so you can find very affluent investors willing to help you expand your business in their country.
  • Russia has a great geographical location, which can help you open up to even greater deals all across Europe & Asia.
  • It offers a lot of attractive economic incentives for foreigners to do business.

For all these reasons, creating a new business structure in the country or finding a local investor can be a great opportunity for any company owner who wants to take advantage of the rapid growth and unique features of Russia.

However, the truth is creating a company or finding local collaborators in this market can be a very complicated task for foreigners. That’s why here at Eunion Capital we help global talent surmount these difficulties.

Set up your business in Russia

To fulfill the different needs of our clients, Eunion Capital is divided in 5 divisions:

Imports – exports





Whether you’re looking for a new import or export partner, want to invest in a local company or find somebody from abroad to invest in yours, or want to form a new business structure in Russia, we can help you navigate the intricacies of this unique market so you can focus on growing your company and taking advantage of the opportunities in this country.

Moreover, at Eunion Capital we can help you sell your products in the Russian market. From finding buyers and manufacturers to placing your products in local stores and supply chains, we’ll guide you and accompany you through the whole process of selling in Russia.

Why you should work with us?

Although it offers a lot of great chances to budding business owners or those looking to expand their operations, Russia doesn’t come without challenges. Here are some of the problems we can help you solve when you work with us.

1- Incorporating a company

Forming a new company in Russia can be very complicated for foreigners. We can help you navigate the bureaucracy and form your new corporation as easily and quickly as possible thanks to our many years of experience.

2- Language barriers

Only around 5% of Russians speak fluent English. If you don’t know how to communicate in the local language, you will find it very difficult to contact local talent, advertise your products and services, and in general getting traction in this country.

At Eunion Capital we have a team formed by completely bilingual local talent that can handle all your operations. From customer service specialists to product managers, accountants and lawyers, our extensive network of collaborators can help you navigate the day to day tasks needed to run a business in Russia.

3- Finding connections

Russian culture can sometimes seem a bit hostile to foreigners. For that reason, an investor or company from another country looking to expand their operations here can have difficulty when looking for local talent or economic deals.

At Eunion Capital we have an extensive network of local investors and business owners who are looking for new foreign opportunities. After we research your unique needs, we’ll help you connect with the perfect partner or hire local talent so you can run your business abroad with no complications.

4- Finding the right opportunities

Navigating the business culture of a new country can be extremely difficult for a person who’s just arrived there. Here’s how the experts at Eunion Capital help you find new deals and make a profit in Russia:

  • Unique sales program. We will help you organize a physical exports office so your customers see you have a strong local presence.
  • We’ll attend the most important trade shows on your behalf.
  • You’ll receive a dedicated exports & sales manager who will help you secure deals.
  • We’ll give you access to the biggest Russian online markets and stores.
  • Your products will be placed in the most important retail spaces in the country.

Expand your Russian business with Eunion Capital

If you’re interested in expanding your business abroad, Russia can be one of the best places to find investors or products, and a great location to sell your existing services. However, in order to truly benefit from its immense opportunities, you’ll need help from a trusted partner.

At Eunion Capital we want to be that partner for you. Contact us and we’ll work out a personalized plan for you so you can start your new operation in this country in the best way.