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Porcelain tablewares from Germany

Target Markets

Russia, USA, Middle East and Asia


Russia: Stores, retailers only
USA and Asia: E-commerce, as well as retailers
Middle East: Distributors


Porcelain tablewares


4 Years

Initial Strategy: Our consulting company engaged in a 4-year collaboration with a German porcelain tableware brand, targeting markets in Russia, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia. The products were priced between 20 and 70 euros. We aimed to reach different customer segments in each market: retailers in Russia, e-commerce and retailers in the USA and Asia, and distributors in the Middle East.

Main Obstacles: The primary challenge was to adapt the brand’s strategy to the unique demands of each target market and to establish a strong presence across different customer segments.

Solution: After eight months of work and receiving positive feedback, we adjusted the strategy for each market. In the USA, we helped open a subsidiary, enabling the organization of a warehouse and the introduction of products on Amazon. We also participated in an exhibition, attracting new customers among retailers. In the Middle East, we secured an exclusive distributor who sells the products at Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall. In Russia, we participate in two annual exhibitions and run an export manager program.

Outcomes: Our tailored approach to each market has been successful in establishing a strong presence for the German porcelain tableware brand. Opening a subsidiary in the USA, finding an exclusive distributor in the Middle East, and regularly participating in exhibitions in Russia have contributed to the brand’s growth in these regions.

Future Strategy: Our strategy for the future involves entering the Asian market to further expand the brand’s global reach. Additionally, we plan to open a stock warehouse in Russia, streamlining distribution and catering to the growing demand for high-quality porcelain tableware in the country.