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Development of your business in the Russian Market.

Our services are thoughts to assist and drive our clients trough the development of their businesses in Russia. Our team is made up by professional consultants Russian motherthongue who speaks English perfectly. We are already present on the Russian market and we provide a competitive advantage to our clients.  We know the Russian market, the local culture and the development strategies to succesfully enter in this market.

To fulfill the different needs of our clients, Eunion Capital is divided in 4 divisions:


To expand your business’s borders and to export your products in a big and rich country like Russia, gives you the possibility to higher the sales, higher the profits and diversify geographically your business. The key to succesfully enter in the Russian market is to have a strategic partner like Eunion Capital which is already established here, who knows perfectly the market and the clients’ culture. We have all the instruments to set up and implement a commercial strategy to sell your products.

Our team of consultants will help you and follow you to grow up the sales if you already sell your products in Russia. Otherwise we will help you starting from scratch to enter in Russia and start to sell your products to Russian buyers in short time.

To export your products in Russia contact us now

  • Market Research
  • EAC certification
  • Lists of buyers, importers and distributors
  • Sending of catalogs and dossiers to interested buyers
  • Trade shows participation
  • The use of our sale agents to sell immediately the products
  • Recruiting of agents and training to build up your own sale network
  • Use of our warehouse and logistic network to ship the orders
  • Assistence on the opening of single brand retail store
  • Show Room exhibition


Do you have a real estate or a business on sale? Sell your property to a Russian investor and you will finalize the sale in the fastest time and at the highest price. Our consultants will assist you in all the selling rocess of your real estate or business. We will look for russian buyers or investors using all the most effective channels: specialised web site, newspapers and specialized magazines. We will select all the best buyers and we will bring them directly to see your real estate or business. We will provide legal and fiscal assistance in all the process until the conclusion of the sale and the collection of the payment.

To sell your business in Russia contact us

  • Buyers and investors' research
  • Research of partners and lenders
  • Business Evaluation
  • Realization of a specialized dossier of the business or real estate
  • Sending the dossier to investors
  • Trade show and specialized events participation
  • Negotiation with selected buyers
  • Preparation of the sale agreement


Having a stable presence in Russia is a key factor to reach success and to do business with russian entrepreneurs and businesses. Our team of consultants will follow you in all the process: from the opening of a branch to the opening of a company with a bank account.

Our office in Saint Petersburg will be your own office in Russia. Our mother tongues secretaries will answer to your dedicated phone numbers and will receive all your mails.

To have a stable presence in Russia contact us now

  • Dedicated phone and fax lines
  • Virtual Office
  • Secretarial services
  • Company formation
  • Bank account opening
  • Registration of patent and trademarke
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal and fiscal advices
  • Business Plan


Russia is a strategic market concerning some outsourcing activities of your business. Due to the ruble devaluation, lower taxes and the lower labor price, always more companies are relocating here the production or are buying from Russian suppliers. This is a key strategy in order to lower company costs and higher the profits.

Our consultants will help you in all the steps in relocating the production: from the research of the location to the delivery of the machineries.

To lower the production costs contact us now

  • Outsourcing of production
  • Research of russian suppliers
  • Relocating the production in Russia
  • Research key partners
  • Customer Service in Russia
  • Warehouse and logistic
  • Development of sale network


Are you looking for the way to expand and make your business international?

To start exporting, all the business processes, whether we are speaking about sales marketing or operations should be fine-tuned, so it will be easy to scale up. To do this, we do the Audit for your company, the deep analysis, which give you the answers on following questions:

– What are the pitfalls? How do I evaluate the potential of the market? Barriers to enter? What is the right approach? Cost over returns? Customs & legal requirements? Local ways to do the business? How to overcome language barriers?

To expand your operation in Russia contact us now

  • Outsourcing of production
  • Research of russian suppliers
  • Relocating the production in Russia
  • Research key partners
  • Customer Service in Russia
  • Warehouse and logistic
  • Development of sale network